Altaïr: Maria? Where…where are you? Where is she!

Darim: Gone, father. You do not remember? She’s gone!

Altaïr: Where is my wife!

Darim: It has been twenty-five years, you old fool! She is dead!

Altaïr: Leave me. Leave me to my work!


woah woah wait… what?


first: this scares the shit out of me, cause it sounds like Minerva and Juno, they have the whole weird after effect to their voice. So was this like… something Desmond heard?


It’s an “echo” of a memory you hear when Altair enters the “library” (in reality, the place where he’s going to hide the Apple… and die). You have to wait a little to hear it. My heart literally broke at this point (though I was crying from before). Not only in his last years Altair lived with the never ending pain caused by Maria’s death (not to mention Sef and Malik) and with these lapses of memory, but also with a very difficult relationship with Darim. The situation was painful for both of them, but instead of understanding each other they drifted apart and they made peace only when they were both old and tired.

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